2015Screened at the Courthouse Hotel and in schools, PRUs and YOIs

The Thief

Nathan is a thief. Edward is an alcoholic jazz genius. When Nathan sees Edward play, something unexpected happens, but he owes Waleed so he knows he’ll have to improvise.

The Thief is a short film about pressure at home and on the streets and looking for a way out when circumstances are closing in. It was performed and crewed by professionals and ex-prisoners.

Screenplay by
Michael Bhim
Directed by
Esther Baker
Robert Atiko, Ash Hunter, Harry Jardine, Terence Maynard, Hormuzd Todiwala, Chris Christou, Charles Gordon, Darren Lawrence, Frank Prosper, Luca Prosper, Andrew Thomas, Danny Simmonds, Michelle Smith
The Thief
Superb... truly engaging... important themes
Jeremy Pratt, Head of Drama, William Ellis School
The Making of The Thief

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