2023London tour to schools, PRUs, YOIs & Kiln Theatre

He Said She Said

If that video gets out it could ruin my world

Encouraged by Denise Kayla posts a snap with Yusuf to make Dre want her, but when it goes viral social rumour turns into dangerous reality

He Said She Said fuses dialogue, verse and drill exploring how social media platforms can be used and misused to share information and escalate conflict.

It is performed and stage managed by a company of professionals and ex-prisoners.

Schools tour: 20 February – 3 March

Kiln Theatre: 7 – 11 March

Watch the performance online here.

Offies TYA
Written by
Magero Otieno Magero
Directed by
Esther Baker
Set design by
Katy McPhee
Lighting design by
Tony Simpson
Sound design by
Sarah Weltman
Jermaine Freeman, LJ Johnson, Farshid Rokey, Megan Samuel
Education pack
We can’t thank you enough for facilitating this amazing intervention.
Teacher, Ormiston Latimer Academy
I’ve worked here ten years and that’s the best thing we’ve had in, really good.
PRU teacher
Powerful, engaging, relevant!
Young audience member, PRU
Amazing!  Great acting and an amazing message.
Young audience member
You will enjoy it and it is not like one of them boring classes/performances.
Young audience member

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