2007LA & Krakow film festivals, BFI & London prisons

The Rains of Fear

An Irish traveller bets his caravan on a fight with devastating consequences.

The Rains of Fear is a chilling insight into violence and its consequences. It was the winner of Write Now, Synergy’s first national prison playwriting competition. It was performed by professional and ex-prisoner actors.

Screenplay by
Damo Joe Harmon
Directed by
Esther Baker
Liza Baker, Zac Baker, Jason Barnett, Simon Bennett, Ricky Copp, Christian Curniffe, Laura Donnelly, Damo Harmon, Ryan Harmon, Karen Kirby, James Scales, Peter Gowen, Joshua McEneaney, Simon Norbury, Adam Young

Co-produced with Knight Hall Agency

The Rains of Fear
The Rains of Fear is an extraordinary achievement
Patrick Tucker, TV and theatre director
To see something I’ve written come to life wow that blew me away
Damo, writer
The making of The Rains of Fear

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