2005Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre, HMP Latchmere House & Nescot College

On the Waterfront

If I spill my life ain’t worth a nickel… And how much is your soul worth if you don’t?

1953, the New York docks are flooded with corruption; controlled by the mob, backed by big business, the church and city politics. Stirred by the beautiful innocence of Edie Doyle and the prodding of the waterfront priest, ex-boxer and fringe hoodlum Terry Malloy finds himself contending with his own conscience as he embarks on the hardest fight of his life…

Written by
Budd Schulberg
Directed by
Esther Baker
Set design by
Katy McPhee
Lighting design by
Tony Simpson
Sound design by
Alisdair McGregor
A cast of HMP Latchmere House prisoners, Owen Oakeshott and Charity Wakefield
The level of acting far surpassed what I imagined. Hard to believe these are prisoners. It was a very talented, moving, powerful production
Audience member
I was honestly blown away
Surrey Comet
It allowed me to explore and experience emotion after being emotionally defensive for so long
Prisoner cast member

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