2017Theatre503, HMP Thameside and YOI Isis

Homecomings Festival

Our second festival of new plays featured a production premiere and four rehearsed readings, all written by ex-prisoners. Accompanying playwriting projects took place at HMP Thameside and YOI Isis.

The Monkey

I ‘old me temper an’ I never ‘ear them voices no more. Get an occasional lousy now an’ again but that’s it.

A darkly comic portrait of dishonorable thieves bound together by addiction.

Tel’s left Bermondsey behind and only robs the occasional drum now. He prefers dealing in moody clobber from Deptford. But he’s got a screw loose and word’s out he’s a soft touch. Thick-Al owes him a monkey and he has to revisit old hunting grounds to collect.

Written by
John Stanley
Directed by
Russell Bolam
Set design by
Katy McPhee
Lighting design by
Rob Youngson
Sound design by
Rebecca Smith
Danielle Flett, Daniel Kendrick, Karl Smith, Morgan Watkins, George Whitehead
Honest, intriguing and compelling
Everything Theatre
A hard-hitting production that straddles the dark humour line perfectly and is excellent insight into a world of crime and addiction
Remote Goat
Beyond my wildest dreams
Ex-prisoner writer


Glory Whispers by Sonya Hale
The Political History of Smack and Crack by Ed Edwards
There is a Field by Martin Askew

Glory Whispers and The Monkey are both available in a single volume published by Methuen Drama

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