2006HMP Brixton

Elmina’s Kitchen

You can’t just walk into dis bad man t’ing, you gotta learn the whole science of it and you better be able to dance wid death til it mek you dizzy

Can Deli revive the fortunes of his mother’s restaurant on Murder Mile and stay within the law while the Yardies carve up the neighbourhood?

The production was performed within Black History Month to prisoners, staff, families and invited public audiences.

Written by
Kwame Kwei-Armah
Directed by
Esther Baker
Set design by
Katy McPhee
Lighting design by
Tony Simpson
Composed by
Ruth Spencer
Performed by
HMP Brixton prisoner actors and musicians, and Julie Hewlett
I am still astonished. I now know that anything I put my mind to, I can do
Prisoner cast member
Cultural highlight of my year
Kwame Kwei Armah
There are some experiences that are truly life-changing and last night was one of them for me. I can't remember seeing a more powerful, enthusiastic and real piece of theatre
Audience member
Family member

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