2012London tour to schools, PRUs, YOIs and Unicorn Theatre

Burning Bird

By the time Daisy gets home, everything will have changed. Everything will be different. That I guarantee you.

It’s Daisy’s fifteenth birthday and trouble is brewing – there’s a curfew in place, school is suspended and the city is changing. But Daisy has an important delivery to make across town. So when Morrell offers her a ride in his uncle’s car, she sets off down a road from which there might be no turning back.

Set against the backdrop of the London riots, Burning Bird questions the decisions we make and explores the freedoms we find when authority goes missing. The play was performed and stage managed by a company of professionals and ex-prisoners.

Written by
John Donnelly
Directed by
Esther Baker
Simone James, Anil Kumar, Catherine Nix-Collins, Valentine Olukoga, Debbie Samuel, Michael Smith
It was so good cos it included things from real life
Young audience member
My mum is in tears seeing my brother perform. I am so proud
Family member of one of the cast
I loved that we could relate to this
Young audience member

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