2009Toured to London schools, PRUs & YOTs


Don’t have to do it fam… Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if you don’t though!

Bloodline follows Razor’s journey from an emotionally unavailable gang member haunted by his violent background to a realisation that the gang cannot substitute for family and that he needs to address the past.

Bloodline examines gang initiations, knife and gun crime, the consequences of actions and the realities of prison life. The play was performed and stage managed by a company of professionals and ex-prisoners.

Written by
Damien Creagh
Directed by
Esther Baker
Duewaine Marshalleck-Baker, Paul Blake, Lawrence Hector, Nicolas Lewis, Lowanda Montague, Frank Prosper, Debbie Samuel, Darrell Swaray, Aaron Thomas
A little injection of reality from the horse’s mouth
It made me think what I am doing is wrong
Young audience member
I have done stuff before, never got caught and I have moved to this school to change. This opened my eyes
Young audience member

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