2017YOI Isis


Sure, I eat people’s grandmothers once in a while, but that doesn’t make me a bad person… it makes me a good villain.

The Big Bad Wolf’s in trouble – he’s been ripped out of his story and thrown in jail for being too good at being bad. Being the villain’s the best part though, everyone knows that, but someone’s decided to change the fairytale rulebook…

Baddies was performed at Christmas to the cast’s and musicians’ friends and families, prisoners, prison staff and invited public audiences.

Written by
Nancy Harris & Marc Teitler
Directed by
Ned Bennett
Musical direction by
Ruth Spencer & Aron Kyne
Set design by
Max Johns
Lighting design by
Kit Nairne
Sound design by
Giles Thomas
Prisoner actors, musicians and Georgia Brown
This is more than just a prison production, this will help change lives for the better
Emily Thomas, Governor, YOI Isis
I’ve loved doing this, it made me feel like I’m not in jail
Cast member
By far the best activity I’ve been involved in

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