2001HMP Wandsworth

Accidental Death of An Anarchist

I’ve worked you out: you really do have this acting mania, so you’re acting mad but in fact you’re saner than I am.

In Dario Fo’s classic farce The Maniac hoodwinks senior police in a series of increasingly bizarre impersonations. Absurdity escalates as the fast-talking con man uncovers the true story of a political suspect, who “fell to his death” on the street below. This satire on official deceit tests our faith in law and order.

The production was performed to prisoners, staff, families and invited public audiences.

Written by
Dario Fo
Directed by
Esther Baker
Set design by
Katy McPhee
Lighting design by
Tony Simpson
Sound design by
Sarah Weltman
Performed by
HMP Wandsworth prisoners and Joanna Thompson
I have seen the play a few times but genuinely enjoyed the performance at Wandsworth the most. The reactions I heard from the audience round me seemed to agree.
Audience member

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