May 2024

Cancer In Prisons Film premieres at House of Lords

A collaboration between Kings College London and Synergy Theatre Project

From 2018-2022 the National Institute for Health and Care Research and King’s College London funded a research project into cancer care for prisoners which was carried out by the NHS and leading universities. Synergy Theatre Project was commissioned to create a short film to reflect the challenges in cancer care identified by the research.

Cancer Cells was first screened at the House of Lords as part of a special event hosted by King’s College to present and discuss the research findings before an audience of senior NHS, prison and third sector stakeholders. You can watch the film here.

Full research findings from the study are published in The Lancet. A summary report can also be viewed here.

Cancer Cells was written by Evan Placey, directed by Esther Baker and the DOP and editor was Chris Beston.


“Providing good cancer care for people in prison needs an effective and coordinated approach from two systems which are structurally, operationally and culturally very different.” Improving Cancer Care in Prisons, Kings College London 2024

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