Established in 2000 Synergy Theatre Project works towards rehabilitation and resettlement with prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending through theatre and related activities whilst placing the wider issues surrounding criminal justice in the public arena.

Our work is founded on the belief that theatre can be transformative and challenges perceptions of both prisoners and society, building a more positive future. Synergy is committed to artistic excellence, believing it to be an integral part of achieving this purpose.

Synergy’s work impacts approximately 120 prisoners/ex-prisoners, 300 young people at risk of offending and audiences of 3,500 (including 2,500 young people) per year and comprises the following strands of activity: theatre productions, new writing and an education programme. To date our work includes 26 productions with prisoners and ex-prisoners including 10 touring productions for young people, 30 projects for young people, 3 national prison script writing competitions, 40 playwriting courses, 50 rehearsed readings, 2 radio projects and a short film. Over 1,100 prisoners/ex-prisoners and 1,800 young people have participated in projects reaching audiences of over 24,000.

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